Horseshoe Rules

There are more horseshoe rules which might be of some use to new comers to the game of horseshoes. I have made a quick little recap of the most important rules in point form to get people started quickly.

I still strongly recommend reading the full article to fully understand all the rules and flow of the game.

  • Set up 2 stakes 40 feet apart
  • Position one player at each stake, throw horseshoe at opposite stake
  • The player with the closest horseshoe get 1 point
  • The player that rings the stake gets 3 points.
  • Usually there are 50 tosses in a game, but you can play until an agreed score is reached.

So there you have it, some really simple horseshoe rules for people who are just getting started with the game of horseshoe. Now all that you’ll need is a good horseshoe set. There are only a few horseshoe sets that I would recommend, a good set will improve usually raise your accuracy and therefore overall performance by 5-6 points.
In order, here are the most recommended sets:

  1. Eddie Bauer® Horseshoe Set
  2. Expert Pitching Horseshoe Set
  3. Champion Sports Steel Horseshoe Set
  4. St. Pierre® Official Horseshoes (SET)

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